Journaling is a low-cost method for preserving history, promoting productivity and improving well-being. It has been used since ancient times to capture thoughts, keep reminders, and record events. Click here for tips about journaling and resources for starting a diary or journal.


Organizers are binders that can help gather important data and documents that will be needed in case of disability or death. Organizers usually include lists of advisors, assets, debits, passwords, and preferences for personal care and finances. Click here for an article about a binder help organize personal information and documents for family members, caregivers, and advisors.

Marketing Plans

Marketing plans provide timetables for using tactics like networking, publishing, and public speaking. Click here for a year-by-year plan for marketing legal services that was prepared by Larry Bodine, a marketing expert. 

Legal Checkups

Legal checkups alert clients to opportunities for avoiding problems with a lawyer's help. Legal specialties well suited to checkups include corporate, estate, employment, family, and real estate practices. Click here for an article that provides tips and resources for conducting checkups for individuals, businesses, and non-profit organizations.

Managerial Audits

Managerial audits help organizations avoid malpractice by assessing procedures and processes. Law firms of all sizes can use managerial audits to implement best practices in the office and the courtroom. Click here to learn more about managerial audits and resources for conducting one at your firm.


Checklists have become popular method of getting things done properly in the accounting, construction, education, and healthcare. Click here for an article that provides tips and resources for lawyers who want to use legal checklists to avoid problems.

Getting Organized

Getting organized can help you improve your productivity and reduce stress. Click here for an article that provides strategies for getting organized and a list of resources to help you do it.